Yurst's GORGG 2000 Photo Page
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Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate

Let the GGathering begin...

Marc, Kiirja, Rich, Ed

Duelling camcorders - Dave, Yehuda, Ant

Dinner in the Columbia Hotel

...and this view from Kiirja's camera - Kiirja, Rich, Ed, Bert, Dave, Toby, Marc


The Pied Piper of Pugwash and his flock, in the tube

Dan Bornemark previews cuts from Scraping the Barrell

An attentive GGroup of listeners

Yurstruly getting my Lady Lake CD signed by Jan and Fred

Inside The Crown and Two Chairmen

Another view from Kiirja's camera - Ed, Simon, Kiirja, Bert, Drew, Jerry, Sven, Stephane

Outside The Crown and Two Chairmen

The London Guitar Trio: Rich, Fred, Yehuda

Mingling with the boys in the band

Rich, Marc, Pugwash (photo by Kiirja)

John, Kerry, Toby, Paul, Marc

The lovely Minnear ladies

Maestros Dan and Rich

GGreetings from GORGG 2000!

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See you all in Toronto for GORGG 2001!